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Precision injection Custom expert

High precision, your choice! National advisory hotline: landline: 0731-52811113 phone: 13786167235

1、More than 40 people in the production of mold parts expert team, 10 years of custom experience.

2、Production personnel rotation system, efficient and fast.

3、High production efficiency, huge annual throughput.

1、Stable raw material performance, service life of more than a few years.

2、Professional heat treatment services, to provide you with accurate and true heat treatment report.

3、Strict quality inspection system and testing equipment, high precision.

1、High standards, high requirements, quality assurance

2、Parts of a pass rate of 99%.

3、Finished product a pass inspection pass rate of 97%.

4、Finished product pass rate of 100%.

5、Customer feedback processing rate of 100%。

6、360 degree service system, so that you do not worry about.

7、Perfect logistics distribution center, the products are sold all over the country.

8、Timely delivery within the stipulated time, zero delay.

9、Special handling of emergency orders to maximize customer benefits.

10、360 degree service system, so that you do not worry about.

Precision injection expert

High precision, your choice!

Hunan Xi Li precision mould Co., Ltd. is a proprietary production bases to manufacture plastic products, mold design the main manufacturers of plastic products including: daily necessities, office supplies, electronic products, communications equipment, medical equipment, toys, IT industry products etc.. Able to provide customers with product development, mold manufacturing, plastic production, such as one-stop service.
The company has a good mold design, processing, manufacturing system. With the world's advanced design software, manufacturing of mold design products, with CAD/CAM/CAE technology, to ensure the quality of product design and manufacturing, according to the customer's samples, drawings or image files, you can design the center (mapping), manufacturing, technical skills, quality first-class. The use of advanced processing technology and strict detection means. The main processing equipment: CNC machining center, CNC EDM machine, wire cutting machine, digital precision milling machine; universal equipment are: precision grinder, car, milling.....

The Working Process

01 Receive drawings

02 Pre communication

03 Quotation confirmation

04 Drawing production

05 Product testing

06 Package shipment

07 Customer acceptance

08 reconciliation

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