Hunan Xili precision mould Co., Ltd. is a proprietary production bases to manufacture plastic products, mold design the main manufacturers of plastic products including: daily necessities, office supplies, electronic products, communications equipment, medical equipment, toys, IT industry products etc.. Able to provide customers with product development, mold manufacturing, plastic production, such as one-stop service.

The company has a good mold design, processing, manufacturing system. With the world's advanced design software, manufacturing of mold design products, with CAD/CAM/CAE technology, to ensure the quality of product design and manufacturing, according to the customer's samples, drawings or image files, you can design the center (mapping), manufacturing, technical skills, quality first-class. The use of advanced processing technology and strict detection means. The main processing equipment: CNC machining center, CNC EDM machine, wire cutting machine, digital precision milling machine; universal equipment are: precision grinder, car, milling, drilling and other machine tools. And the introduction of advanced large-scale injection molding machine, plastic machine to meet the increasingly stringent quality requirements of plastic products. The company spirit of "people-oriented" business management philosophy, the backbone of the technology in the mold manufacturing industry, and the establishment of a sound management system. We will, as always, excellence, continuous progress, continuous improvement, to ensure that our excellent quality and reputation. We also look forward to working with you for your service, you can trust and rely on partners to become more competitive and strong backing! You are welcome to visit, consultation, business negotiations, the company will do its best to serve you wholeheartedly! Business scope: 1, plastic injection molding products. 2, mold design and production. 3, new product development.